How to deal with a hairy back

We are domesticated primates and as such we are hairy beasts. Some of us are hairier than others however and though people love beards, hairy chest and hairy legs there is still a bit of an aversion to hairy backs. If you are concerned about having hair sprouting there, then you have various options for manscaping it. In this blog, we’re going to explore these options and what is the most effective method for back hair removal.

So, you’ve got back hair and want rid of it. What are your options?

There are four main methods to remove body hair. We’re going to look at all of them and the pros and cons of each


Waxing has been used as a hair removal tool for centuries and is probably the most effective way to remove large amounts of hair quickly. The downside of this method is that you need an accomplice to do it. If you have a partner they will probably find it near the bottom of their list of things they want to do, and who can blame them? To get a wax done properly there are plenty of professionals who will do it. This method ensures all hair is removed and it will take around 2 months for the hair to start returning.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream uses chemicals to dissolve your hair. This method lasts a similar amount of time to waxing, so from one application you can expect to remain hair free for around two months. You really need someone to help you apply the cream because you don’t want your back to look like a burst mattress.


Shaving has been documented for over 60000 years, so we have a bit of history of cutting hair off of ourselves. Today razor technology has come a long way since cavemen started sharpening seashells to make elementary blades. Today razor technology has come a long way, but to get a clean shave you will need someone to help you and inviting a partner to shave your back will be the least erotic experience anyone will ever have in a shower. You can go solo in your back shaving with a device called a bakblade that you can see here.


Epilators are a mechanical device that works like an automated set of tweezers. These tweezers pluck every individual hair out their follicles and it will take around 2 months for them to return. You will need someone to help you with this process. I have had a shot of an epilator form an ex-girlfriend on my leg. It took out about 5 hairs and it was amongst the most painful things I’ve ever had done. Just a heads up.

These are the methods available to you (there are others but I think putting petrol on your back and setting it on fire might be a bit extreme) and I hope this has been enlightening. There is always the options of stopping caring what other people think too!

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